• $250.00

Blackout is a fabric that does not pass the sun's rays at all and can shade the room by 90-100%.
Long service life. They have a long service life, because they are not prone to burnout, deformation during washing or drying, do not shed and retain the original appearance for a very long time.
Do not crumple. During operation, do not crumple, which is especially important for roller blinds.
Thermal insulation. The main advantage is full protection not only from bright light, but also from heat. Closing the windows in the hot summer, you fill the room with a saving coolness.
Soundproofing. Thanks to the multi-layer structure, the fabric also performs soundproofing tasks, restraining extraneous sounds and noise.
Hypoallergenicity. Not all materials can boast a composition that does not cause an allergic reaction. But these curtains can be hung even in the children's bedroom, without fear for the health of the baby.